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NYX - Our main playable character, as well as the main protagonist of the story. Nyx is a young teenager that belongs to the Sun race. He embarks on a very personal and noble mission that will put his life in serious danger. His goal is to save his best friend Bron who is being influenced by the Solis Ortum rogue group. Filled with anger towards the rogue organization that tries to change and hurt his friend, he must learn to fight hate and anger with love and understanding, and in the process to maintain a friendship with his oldest friend.
BRON - Nyx’s best friend and a member of the Sun race. Bron is a young man that cannot really find himself in the world. After the death of his mother, and his strained relationship with his father, he finds solace in the Solis Ortum group that offers him a place where he’s accepted. The residual anger he feels is masterfully manipulated by the rogue group which makes him feel as he belongs there. However, Nyx is here to remind him that he already is accepted by his friends and that he has to deal with his pain rather than be consumed by his anger.
AILWIN - The second playable character, is a history teacher at a high school in Lunesol, where Knicks and Brown study. He belongs to the lunar race, and is a man who takes his position very seriously as a person responsible for shaping young minds. He constantly strives to destroy prejudices, stereotypes and dangerous thoughts in his students’ minds by promoting equality and understanding. However, he soon realized that in order to achieve this, he would have to do more than just teach during the school day and take a personal interest in his student’s lives.
ORIN - Nyx’s other close friend and a member of the Moon race. Orin is a girl in Nyx’s class that is kind and spirited, however concerned about the ever-growing tension in the world between the Solis Ortum group and the Moon race. The fact that the Nyx is slowly neglecting their friendship when he begin his mission to save Brown does not help either. Suspecting that he has becoming part of an organization that hated people like her, her fears seemed to come true.
MERITH - A girl from Bron’s class and a member from the Sun race. She comes from a family that pushes her to hate the Moon race as they believe in the segregation between two races. But since she does not share the prejudices of her parents, she constantly feels lost and torn between two worlds. She is forced to pretend, fearing to go against her parents' wishes, but there is still fighting spirit and justice in her waiting to come to light.
VOX - A “spokesperson” but technically recruiter for Solis Ortum. A member of the Sun race, he’s charming and quick with words. Witty and sly, but also filled with anger and terror in his eyes, his only goal is to recruit lost and impressionable young people, offering them a place in a community while carefully planting the seeds of hatred against the Moon race.
CADMUS – The main antagonist in this story. He’s the leader of Solis Ortum and a member of the Sun race. An evil, yet incredibly intelligent man disguised as a “prophet” that has all the answers. He’s incredibly apt at manipulation and presenting himself as a humble and fair man trying to rid the world of evil. But his mind is completely scrambled and it’s pretty obvious that behind the façade there is just a man that is psychologically damaged and interested only in making money on the backs of young and impressionable kids.